If you are new to homeopathy – Welcome!

My treatment aims are simple:  to reduce symptoms gently and permanently using non-toxic homeopathic preparations alongside sound dietary and lifestyle advice.  In short, my aim is to help you return to good health.

The treatment works by catalysing the body’s self healing mechanisms.  Any organism wants to be healthy, but sometimes disease processes become chronic, and a gentle push is needed to reverse this.

I use methodologies that help rebalance gut flora, strengthen the immune system, and support organs and detox pathways.  Where relevant I also work with mental-emotional aspects, hormonal imbalances and understand that all symptoms of a case tend to be interlinked.

Together we build a very detailed timeline of events from preconception to present day.  I am always asking myself one question:

What went wrong first and why? 

I work on the premise that no-one becomes ill by chance.  Pharmaceuticals rarely achieve a long-term return to health.  At best, they can temporarily suppress symptoms, but more often than not, can cause further problems and side effects.

By understanding causation, I can more easily devise an effective treatment plan.

I look forward to working with you on your (or your child’s) journey back to health.

I currently see patients all over the world via Skype consultation. Originally from the UK, I am currently based in Hong Kong.

Whilst specialising in Autism, I treat a range of problems and also have a keen interest in women’s health and general paediatrics.

You can book an appointment directly online.


Anna Rayner, BSc Psy, BSc LCHE  Homeopathy, Hong Kong