About Me


I came to Homeopathy on a journey spanning two decades, looking for answers to my own health problems.  The roots of my problems lay in vaccine damage and mercury toxicity through dentistry.  My life and health were turned around by homeopathic treatment, and I decided to train as a homeopath.  If you would like to read my full story, click here.

Qualifying in 2009, my personal interest in heavy metal toxicity soon pulled me into the field of autism.   As I witnessed the wonderful results that homeopathy was having with cases of autism and ASD, I became hooked on this specialism.  I felt absolutely driven to make it the bulk of my clinical practice.

The results I witness on a daily basis leave me in no doubt as to the power of well-placed homeopathic remedies in untangling these inevitably complex cases.  I am very happy to speak to prospective clients free of charge to answer any questions or concerns they may have. Please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time.