I came to Homeopathy on a journey spanning two decades, whilst looking for answers to my own chronic health problems. Having exhausted everything on offer in mainstream medicine (without success), I had to take the search further. My life and health were eventually turned around by homeopathic treatment and I decided to train as a homeopath.

Qualifying in 2009, my interest in gut health and heavy metal toxicity soon pulled me into the field of autism. As I witnessed the wonderful results that homeopathy was having with cases of autism and ASD, I became hooked on this specialism. Latterly, I have expanded into women’s health and general paediatric problems (for example childhood eczema, asthma, behavioural issues, sleep disorders, common childhood infections).

Over time, it has become apparent to me that homeopathy can take you a long way, but nutrition and lifestyle factors are also key if long-term health is to be achieved. I cover all aspects of health during my consultations in order to fully understand exactly what has gone wrong, and why.

The results I witness on a daily basis leave me in no doubt of homeopathy’s power in untangling very complex cases. I am very happy to speak to prospective clients to answer any questions they may have. Please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time.