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Supplements – Less is More?

When it comes to treating Autism, the subject of supplementation can become a hotbed of total confusion for parents whose resources are already tested to the max.  One starts to feel the need for a PhD in biochemistry just to try and navigate through the sequential minefield of what to put in, what to take […]

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Reversing Vaccine Damage

A large part of the treatment protocol I use involves DETOXIFICATION of vaccines and other toxins that autistic children have been exposed to.  I thought it might be useful to write a post around this, explaining a little more about how homeopathic detox of vaccinations works. Are Vaccines Toxic? The short answer to this is […]

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Maintaining Causes

After finishing my homeopathy degree, I was somewhat disillusioned.  I was still very far from healthy, and felt it would be fraudulent to go touting a therapy that I myself had found only partially effective.  If I’d have paid a bit more attention to both my body and my lecturers, I would have realised that […]

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Root Cause – What’s All the Fuss About?

If I had to say what is the most pivotal difference between the homeopathic understanding of disease, and that of mainstream medicine, it would centre on these two little words: Root Cause.  Homeopathy is always, always seeking for this in any particular case, and then looks to rebalance the body, dependant on what this ’cause’ […]

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Detox Reactions – Keep Calm and Carry On

Having recently experienced a fairly violent detox reaction myself, I thought a post on this subject would be topical.  In the majority of cases, detox reactions aren’t too extreme, but in a small percentage of cases, they can be quite violent.  Big outbreaks of fevers, glandular problems, outpourings of various mucous and bodily exudations.  It […]

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Book Review – Rediscovering Real Medicine

I am currently reading this wonderful text by Jean Elmiger.  He is a pioneering medical doctor turned Homeopath from Switzerland, who trained in the usual way, before concluding that the treatments on offer were generally not bringing about any curative effects in his patients.  He embarked on a long and winding journey into the dark […]

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Book Review – The Age of Autism

Whilst on holiday, I read The Age of Autism, which was a gripping read  (see also here).  Whilst not related to homeopathy, it is a wonderful piece of investigative journalism, and is excellently written. I think that the link between mercury and autism is so obvious as to be like the most giant elephant in the tiniest […]

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