A letter to the Editor of the Economist

   I wrote this letter to the Editor of the Economist today, but almost certainly it will not see the light of day.  I thought I’d publish it here instead!   LETTER TO THE EDITOR OF THE ECONOMIST I was somewhat puzzled to read your article entitled: ‘Anti-vaccine campaigners: Clueless’  in the June print edition […]

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Sleep Problems and Autism

Many parents I talk to in my practice struggle with their child’s sleep.  This is something that pretty much any parent can relate to on some level.  The kind of desperation that sets in after weeks or months of dogged tiredness…. ‘Take all my money, the shirt of my back, but pleeeeeeeaaaaaasseeeee just let me […]

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Pin Worms and Autism

In London, (and probably the whole of the UK) we are having the usual winter scourge…. pin worms. I am writing this post because ASD children generally tend to be more prone to parasites in general, and worms among them.   This is due to lowered immunity and increased gut acidity as a result of increased […]

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Fever Is Our Friend

I find myself having the same conversation about fevers with parents over and over, so I thought perhaps it’s time to write a blog post about it. People of my generation were brought up to fear fever.  ‘Aaaarrrghhhh….Fever….quick, mobilise the paracetamol ASAP before smoke starts coming out of their ears, and their BRAIN EXPLODES, leaving […]

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Probiotics for Autism – Yes or No?

  The majority of children we see at the clinic have issues with yeast.  There seems to be the prevalent belief that if one could only get rid of the yeast, things would be better for the child, and perhaps great improvements in presentation would be seen. I have studied candida and its treatments for […]

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Parasites and Autism

A lot of patients I see have issues with parasites.  Often parents embark on trying to cleanse their child’s body of parasites.  I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject, because I feel sometimes this particular battle can be a road to nowhere. What I have tended to observe is that fighting the parasites […]

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The Importance of the Toxicity Timeline

There’s no doubt about it, the homeopathic treatment of autism can be a complicated and surprising journey.  You may be going along, trying several indicated remedies with very meager results, then BANG, the next one in the sequence one has dramatic effects, causing a sudden massive shift in symptoms and detoxification processes. Part of the […]

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Does MMR Cause Autism?

The $64,000 contentious question of the century.  And of course, it is not one with a straightforward ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Specialising in the homeopathic treatment of autism, we regularly meet parents who say that their child was developing normally until the MMR was administered.  They feel that this was the ‘tipping point’ where things […]

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Supplements – Less is More?

When it comes to treating Autism, the subject of supplementation can become a hotbed of total confusion for parents whose resources are already tested to the max.  One starts to feel the need for a PhD in biochemistry just to try and navigate through the sequential minefield of what to put in, what to take […]

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