Book Review – Rediscovering Real Medicine

rediscovering real medicine

I am currently reading this wonderful text by Jean Elmiger.  He is a pioneering medical doctor turned Homeopath from Switzerland, who trained in the usual way, before concluding that the treatments on offer were generally not bringing about any curative effects in his patients.  He embarked on a long and winding journey into the dark arts of energetic medicine, and eventually landed firmly in the camp of homeopathy.  It is quite ‘wordy’ in parts, largely because it is translated from the original French, but there are such gems of knowledge hidden therein.  He beautifully explains how vaccinations and repeated medications act as a ‘shock’ to a child’s body, and illustrates using many case studies how these layers of damage can be peeled back using homeopathy. Elmiger gives great  weight to ‘Herring’s Law of Cure’, which gives great importance to the chronological order in which the person’s energy was disturbed (i.e. the exact vaccine schedule, the administration of drugs, the timing of childhood diseases etc.).

Elmiger makes an excellent point about how vaccinations have distorted the natural timings of childhood diseases, which would tend to appear in a very precise order, with one disease preparing the immune system for the next developmental stage.  In times gone by, these childhood diseases were often considered a rite of passage, and one could often observe a developmental leap in the child once they had navigated through the illness.  Obviously there were always those which were feared – polio, measles and german measles could have dire consequences.  The notion that it was the disease, rather than the compromised nature of the person with the disease, is where things have really gone awry.  Elmiger is not anti-vaccination, but presents a much safer way of going about it, if this is the path you wish to take.   All in all, this book is a great read for anyone who is beginning to delve into homeopathy as a treatment option for autism or other childhood health problems.

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