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The theme of treatment this week is HANDS OFF!! We have it so ingrained in us that the second a symptom appears we must ‘do something’ – give drugs, dose, tamper…. when a lot of the time, doing nothing would be a much more sensible option.  The number of parents who are in a perpetual cycle […]

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Maintaining Causes

After finishing my homeopathy degree, I was somewhat disillusioned.  I was still very far from healthy, and felt it would be fraudulent to go touting a therapy that I myself had found only partially effective.  If I’d have paid a bit more attention to both my body and my lecturers, I would have realised that […]

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Root Cause – What’s All the Fuss About?

If I had to say what is the most pivotal difference between the homeopathic understanding of disease, and that of mainstream medicine, it would centre on these two little words: Root Cause.  Homeopathy is always, always seeking for this in any particular case, and then looks to rebalance the body, dependant on what this ’cause’ […]

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