Constipation: General Recommendations

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I have written these general guidelines for constipation, which is a problem for many of the children I see.  Ideally it should accompany the Homeopathic Detox Therapy, but can help get bowels moving whilst we deal with the underlying root causes.

IMPORTANT: Do not use MOVICOL or similar preparations – This is made of polyethylene glycol, which is a petroleum-derivative compound that is made from ethylene glycol (ethane-1,2-diol), the main ingredient in antifreeze. I do not recommend it at all, in spite of the claims that it is ‘perfectly safe’.    It is xenobiotic, and ill advised in a developing child.



Water: lots and lots of clean, filtered water.  At least 1.5  litres per day if possible.  Not sodas/soft drinks/fruit juices etc.

Dairy: Eliminate, with the exception of fermented dairy (Kefir).

Pasta: Eliminate pasta from the diet for the time being

Bread:  Sourdough bread only.  Limited amounts

Eggs: limit intake.  Maximum 2 a week.

Fermented foods:  Kefir, Saurkraut, Molkasan is very good also as a prebiotic to repopulate the gut. .

Apples:  they are full of malic acid, which is a stool softener.  A small amount of pure organic juice is ok if diluted, but obviously the fruit with all its natural fibre would be best

Sugars: try to avoid sugary foods.  It’s very likely there is yeast underlying, with such a chronic constipation picture.

Aspartame:  always avoid foods with artificial sweeteners of any kind

Porridge –  this encourages gut peristalsis.  Served with a bit of maple syrup and blueberries, it tends to be well liked.

Omega oils:  Try to include good amounts of omegas in the diet.  Avocados, small oily fish (sardines, mackerel, trout etc.).



3 main ones to help constipation.  Give after breakfast.

  1. Magnesium:  1 capsule morning and evening until bowels movements increase.  Then a maintenance dose of 1 capsule per day.
  2. Vitamin C powder – start with 1 scoop morning and evening.  This can be raised in the short-term to ‘bowel tolerance’, at which point you can then reduce to a maintenance dose of 1 scoop.
  3. Zinc – 1 capsule morning – after breakfast to avoid any nausea.

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In small children, it can be easier to mix the above (along with Molkosan) and a small amount of diluted apple juice, and administer with a giant syringe.  If capsules are a problem, there are liquid forms of zinc and magnesium, but these are more expensive, and dosage is smaller than required in these instances of chronic constipation.  These would be the alternatives:

Zinc – double the daily recommendation (give dose morning and evening).

Magnesium – as an alternative source.  Double or triple the dose.

Homeopathic Tissue salt & serotonin combination:  
Kali Mur, Nat Mur, Silica, Serotonin – 6X (8gp soft tablets) – Available from  Simply email the order with your mailing address, and they will send you an invoice. Give 1 tablet 3 x daily for 2 months.

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