Corona Virus – What can I do to support myself and my family? Homeopathic Tips and Beyond



There is a great deal of fear and anxiety circulating at the current time. Covid-19 is a new strain and the human brain has great difficulty processing ‘uncertainty’.

Daily we are getting a clearer picture of corona, and it seems in the majority of cases it does not develop into serious illness (estimated 80%).

So how best should people care for themselves at home and how can we minimise severity?

This is my ‘damage limitation‘ approach to make sure your personal ‘terrain’ is as unappealing as possible, and in the event you do get sick, that the effects less devastating and easier to throw off in the shortest possible time.

Things to consider:

1. Seaweed: I do tend to bang on about iodine deficiency quite a lot, but as one of the most powerful anti-virals known to man I highly recommend inclusion of seaweed crisps as a snack for the foreseeable. Making sure you are not deficient at this time is very important. You don’t have to eat your body weight – just slow and steady (a few wafers a day).

2. Vitamin D: One of the reasons flu season develops in winter is linked to Vitamin D levels falling, as well as the fragility of viruses in hotter conditions. It will be very interesting to see in this global pandemic, whether Australia (currently in summer) is hit much less hard than those countries in their winter season. I would predict that cases will be fewer and fatalities in those infected will be far lower. Time will tell, but there is plenty of research lending support to the hypothesis that Vitamin D is very important in human immune defence. Therefore, consider a supplement, but better still, as the real thing comes peeking from behind the clouds, go and get the Real Deal. 

3. Good Diet: this is obvious, but eat healthily and cut out the usual culprits of too many processed carbs and sugars. A diet higher in fibre, protein and good fats will all help support the gut biome which is such a critical part of human immune defence. Self-isolation with lack of activity coupled with a carb heavy diet would definitely be a ripe cocktail for yeast overgrowth. Adding pickled elements such as sauerkraut can be very helpful to support the gut. Kombucha is a favourite at the moment, but check the quality and sugars therein.

4. Smokers Beware: Smokers appear to be at higher risk from the coronavirus than nonsmokers according to Dr. Yael Bar-Zeev, chair of the Israeli Medical Association. Whilst research is currently only available on small numbers, in a study of about 80 corona patients, those who smoked were 14 times more likely to have serious illness. So maybe this is the nudge you needed to quit the ciggies. However, be aware that in the initial ‘quitting’, coughing up the tar can leave lung tissue susceptible to infection so perhaps self-isolation in the early days is a very wise idea until the hacking cough subsides. Some homeopathic lung remedies may also be useful at this time, but that’s the topic for a separate post. Also, going out in public with a hacking cough right now will almost certainly make you a social pariah, so is best avoided!

5. Watch Alcohol Intake: whilst the odd glass of wine probably won’t impact you, drinking in large quantities will suppress immunity and leaves you more susceptible to any and all infections. Perhaps a ‘dry Corona season’ might be worth considering if you are a moderate to high-intake drinker of alcohol.

6. Exercise: I know this may sound obvious, but the notion of self-isolating is making sedentary behaviour more likely. Exercise (in moderation) has been found to lower inflammatory markers and I strongly recommend being strict about being active daily during this period. If you own a bike, this is a perfect solitary endeavour where you can easily ‘socially distance’. Otherwise a good brisk walk or jog will equally do the job. Home yoga can be great if you really can’t get out – there are endless YouTube classes you can follow, or online services such as YogaGlo which I have used myself in the past.

7. Stop constantly reading the news: Once a day (preferably midday) is enough to know what’s going on. The effects of fear and stress on the immune system are considerable, particularly when it is prolonged. Perhaps take a break from the news and instead read Stop Reading the News to understand why this constant assault is so bad for your mental and physical health. You might find it a welcome change from Coronamania.

8. Let the fever burn: If you catch the virus in spite of these precautions, I strongly recommend allowing any associated fever to burn high in the first couple of days/nights. If you’re healthy, this will likely only be 1 night, although it may last longer if it can’t quite raise the temp enough on night one. If you keep suppressing your temperature with paracetamol, you will undoubtedly lengthen the course of the disease. Same goes for ibuprofen or steroidal preparations. These are immunosuppressive and will hamper the immune system as it tries to overcome the virus. This kind of therapy seems completely counterproductive to me. This is often an area where homeopaths and mainstream practitioners diverge. Why would you stop the body doing the exact thing needed in order to see off the disease most effectively in a shorter amount of time? It would simply prolong the agony.

A fever is the body’s best and quickest way of killing the virus, so don’t be afraid to let it run high (104 is still within a safe range for an adult).


Homeopathically speaking, we tend to deal with symptoms once they arise, rather than acting prophylactically, unless you are talking about strengthening overall health by receiving constitutional treatment.

Many Indian homeopaths feel that Arsenicum Album is a good generic fit for the symptoms of Corona, with the suffocative nature of the respiratory symptoms, along with the general terrified fear that people undoubtedly have due to the media reporting of the virus and its potential risks. 200c dose can be given repeatedly every couple of hours during the acute phase.

Another more targeted remedy recommended by my colleague Ton Jansen, is Antomonium Sulphuratum Auratum, which has a wonderful track record in respiratory disorders. It should be considered where some or all of these symptoms are present:

  • There is mucus filling up the bronchi;
  • Respiration is difficult and restricted with a ‘pressure’ in the chest
  • The mucus is stringy and tough to expectorate
  • There is a Dry, hard cough
  • Pains all over the body
  • Pneumonia

As you can see, this really does beautifully fit the Corona picture. Again, 200c given at a few regular intervals in the disease peak should help throw it off more effectively.

If you have a history of lung complaints, it may be a good idea to take a dose of Tuberculinum at the current time to strengthen this inherited weakness, but it is always better to have an individualised  homeopathic consultation to receive the most appropriate.


I am happy to answer any other questions you may have on this topic or any other.

Please feel free to drop me a line at if you have any other anxieties or concerns.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

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