Detox Reactions – Keep Calm and Carry On

keep calm and carry on

Having recently experienced a fairly violent detox reaction myself, I thought a post on this subject would be topical.  In the majority of cases, detox reactions aren’t too extreme, but in a small percentage of cases, they can be quite violent.  Big outbreaks of fevers, glandular problems, outpourings of various mucous and bodily exudations.  It can leave the onlooking parents in a state of panic, and the underlying feeling of ‘what have we done!’.  This is really a post to reassure you that the body tends to know what it’s doing.  As violent as a reaction may be, usually once you are through the ‘acute’ healing crisis, the person who comes out the other side has made marked improvements.  Unfortunately, sometimes to rid the body of such extreme poisons, there will be short periods of extreme discomfort.  But one always has to keep one’s eye on the prize, and it’s not a test of endurance:  there are always things that can be done to support the acute crisis.  The first is the ‘sipping’ technique, whereby you can dissolve the offending potency (the one that has kicked off such a violent reaction) in water, and sip it hourly, to ‘turn down’ the volume of the energetic lightning bolt.  In addition, there are always therapeutics on offer – epsom salt baths, supplements, but most importantly allowing the body to rest during this time.

Obviously the aim is always to make detox as ‘gentle’ as possible, but sometimes reactions occur that we just couldn’t have predicted.  I think the important thing is to view such reactions as a real positive in the long-term.  It is thrilling when someone has enough ‘vitality’ to really respond to a remedy in this way.  Whilst I know all to personally how bad these reactions can be, I can in good conscience say that there are undoubtedly a positive event, once you are through the other side!


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