Probiotics for Autism – Yes or No?


The majority of children we see at the clinic have issues with yeast.  There seems to be the prevalent belief that if one could only get rid of the yeast, things would be better for the child, and perhaps great improvements in presentation would be seen.

I have studied candida and its treatments for years.  In my previously toxic state, I was plagued with it.  I went on sugar free diets, spent years taking endless probiotics (to great expense), repeatedly fell off the sugar-free wagon like a drug addict, and went round in circles.  And whatever I did, I always ended up back where I started.  Sometimes worse. The candida remained.

Then one day, the penny dropped.  I was pondering the fact that the human body is unbelievably sophisticated.  It has developed over millions of years.  The mechanisms at work are so incredibly complex and synergistic, but we seem to have forgotten how to trust it to do what’s best.  It turns out, that yeast proliferates as a way of mopping up toxins, when beneficial bacteria are not able to do the job properly.  In other words, in the presence of delightful substances like heavy metals, it actually is a safety mechanism that the body deploys, because have a yeast infection is far less harmful than the ravages of free floating heavy metals on the body.  So once again, we come back to the same realisation… candida is the RESULT not the CAUSE of disease.  And actually, in certain toxic internal environments, our highly intelligent bodies are doing us a service by allowing it to proliferate.

I do understand the argument that antibiotics disrupt the flora of the gut, and that is seen as the ’cause’ of a candida overgrowth, and I think this is true to some extent.  I believe antibiotics to be by and large at odds with the prospect of long-term good health.  They are insidiously damaging to the gut and therefore to the immune system.  However I think the correlation between autism and yeast infection lies largely in the high toxic load of these children, and the increased need to protect the body from toxic substances that their systems cannot effectively eliminate.

I find in practice, that when children detox, over a period of time the problems with yeast and sugar diminish as the body reaches a healthier equilibrium.  I think there is a place for probiotics in moderation to support the gut during detoxification, but the most important thing is to catalyse a detox reaction, and that is where homeopathy is so elegantly effective.

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Written by Anna Rayner

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