What the heck is in these homeopathic remedies exactly??


I had the mother of a patient this week whose child was prescribed the remedy MMR in homeopathic potency.  She looked concerned about this, and although I tried to explain what this meant in homeopathic terms, she was still worried.  I thought maybe it would help to write a blog post explaining exactly what this means, and why it poses no danger to the person taking it.

It is understandable that parents who believe that vaccines played a part in their child’s damaged health would have large alarm bells ringing when a homeopath starts to prescribe remedies named after the very thing that they feel caused the damage in the first place.  This is where we have to make a big leap of faith, and try to understand that homeopathy is an ENERGY MEDICINE.

I can feel all those with a grounding in any kind of scientific theory recoiling in horror at this idea.  I too was one of these people.  When I first came to homeopathy, the only thing that persuaded me to turn up was the fact that the homeopath I went to see in Belgium was a GP first, long before he came to homeopathy.  ‘Weeeell’ I said to myself, ‘it can’t be all nonsense if a medic believes there’s some truth in it…’.

The fact of the matter is, the mechanisms at play in detoxification using homeopathic remedies are just not explainable with current scientific theory. The remedies that we use have been diluted and succussed (shaken vigorously) again and again, until the point where the liquid you are holding contains NOT ONE SINGLE MOLECULE OF THE ORIGINAL TOXIC SUBSTANCE.

We, as homeopaths believe (and witness daily) that what you are left with in this liquid is the ENERGETIC IMPRINT of the substance you made the remedy from (in this case, the MMR vaccine).  When this diluted version of the toxin is given to a patient, if it is relevant in their case, it can NUDGE the body into a healing response, stimulating the elimination of the toxins that the person didn’t manage to eliminate when they were assaulted by the toxin originally (in this case the original vaccine).   The remedies are safe, COMPLETELY NON-TOXIC and non-addictive.

For all of the stalwart science lovers, I would gently remind you that scientific theory is most certainly not at the pinnacle of Understanding of All Things.  What theories does it purport for the explosive rise in autism?  So far, not a great deal of any practical use to the sufferers and their parents.  What about other chronic diseases like MS, colitis, ME, most mental disorders?  I find modern medicine extremely wanting when it comes to adequate theories of causation and also treatment in a plethora of modern-day diseases.  This is not to say I disregard everything modern medicine has to offer – I most certainly do not.  I just wish for a time where we can bring together the different factions and play to each other’s strengths, just as they do in many other countries.

The fact that the processes at work in homeopathy do not fit nicely into the scientific model should not in any way make you assume that they are not effective.   I am lucky enough to have certainty through my own personal experiences, and through my clinical practice, that homeopathy works.  I hope you will take a leap of faith with me and try to witness for yourself the gentle, non-toxic delights that homeopathy can offer to stimulate your child to a place of better health and balance…..

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