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I have recently been to Holland to study with Ton Jansen and his colleagues at the School for Homeopathic Detox.   This man is one of the loveliest, humble, and knowledgeable homeopaths of our time!  He was a friend and colleague of the late Tinus Smits, who first conceptualised CEASE therapy.  He has been continuing to develop and tweak this elegant system of homeopathy to allow it to work more gently, quickly, and permanently.  It was such a great privilege to study under his expert eye.  I am very excited to integrate these developments into my clinical practice.

For the uninitiated, the methods are fairly simple.  The treatment involves homeopathic remedies (often homeopathic versions of toxic exposures such as vaccines) alongside dietary advice, and the the use of nutritional supplements to further help the body heal itself.

This is a short post, and is really to say THANKS to Ton for a wonderful week of glorious learning!  I recommend that all practising homeopaths attend one of his courses.  I strongly feel that we no longer live in a time where classical homeopathy can cut the mustard in the majority of cases.  This is now a world where most children have had scores of vaccinations by the time they reach 5, alongside antibiotics, steroids, asthma meds… and the list goes on.  Unless we stop to consider elimination of these toxins  in our treatment programmes, we are unlikely to get the results we hope for.

FOR HOMEOPATHS INTERESTED IN STUDYING WITH TON – there are further courses running March & June 2015

If anyone is interested in treatment with this newly adapted version of CEASE therapy, please get in touch for a FREE 15 MINUTE SKYPE CONSULTATION

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