The Importance of the Toxicity Timeline


There’s no doubt about it, the homeopathic treatment of autism can be a complicated and surprising journey.  You may be going along, trying several indicated remedies with very meager results, then BANG, the next one in the sequence one has dramatic effects, causing a sudden massive shift in symptoms and detoxification processes.

Part of the difficulty in homeopathic prescribing is deciding which remedy to give at which point.  It is far from an exact science, but there are certain rules that help guide us.  One of these ‘rules’ is know as Herring’s Law of Cure.  This has 3 premises:

1. Once healing begins, symptoms disappear in reverse – i.e. the most recent to appear will be the first to go.

2. Symptoms move from the more vital organs to the less vital organs – i.e from the internal organs, out towards the skin.

3. As healing progresses, symptoms tend to move from the top of the body downward.

It is premise Number 1. that Jean Elmiger, a fantastic Swiss Homeopathic Dr (MD) has honed in on and adapted due to his clinical observations in treating children.  He realized that timing is everything.  He views each new assault on the developing child’s body as a ‘shock’, and the homeopath should treat each of these events, or ‘shocks’ in the exact reverse order of their occurrence.

More and more in practice, I am asking parents to create a TOXICITY TIMELINE (Click here for Toxicity Timeline Example) of what happened when, so we can more successfully navigate our patient’s path from sickness to health.   There are other factors that come into play when considering prescriptions – for example consideration of whether the organs of elimination are working effectively or not.  Put more simply, is the child pooing and weeing as they should be.  The last thing we like to do is stir up old toxins if there’s no effective way out.  But timelines are important, and are worth spending some time thinking about, to help build a treatment plan.

So if we’re bugging you during consultations for seemingly irrelevant information, this is often what we’re trying to piece together.  There are so many ‘shocks’ that an infant can be exposed to… vaccinations, other illnesses, rounds of antibiotics, steroids, chemical exposure, other medications, emotional traumas, inherited toxicity.… all of it weaves the complex tapestry leading to the picture we see in front of us.  And by creating a timeline, it helps to inform where and how to start treatment.

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Here is an example of a Toxicity Timeline from one of my patients:



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