The theme of treatment this week is HANDS OFF!!

We have it so ingrained in us that the second a symptom appears we must ‘do something’ – give drugs, dose, tamper…. when a lot of the time, doing nothing would be a much more sensible option.  The number of parents who are in a perpetual cycle of antibiotic therapy, without any apparent ‘cure’ taking place, is frightening.  Antibiotics, it is my ongoing belief, are far, FAR more damaging than we give them credit for.

Alan Freestone and I recently attended the Treating Autism conference at Brunel University, and the theme of Sunday was the Gut Microbiota.  We have an unholy amount of bacteria living in us.  It belongs there.  We need it.  By destroying it, with endless rounds of antibiotics, WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE DO in terms of long-term health.   There were some fascinating talks about faecal transplants, and an array of facts about exactly how much of us is in fact ‘other species’ – we are a symbiotic mass of critters, and we should respect this ecosystem.  There is so little weight given to long-term research on drug outcomes, and how they may be insidiously damaging health.  So just assume that these drugs, in general, are toxic and harmful.  My rule of thumb would be to only use them where there is really no other alternative.

So my short message of the day is:

Unless there is a life or death reason to do so, DO NOT keep giving antibiotics for innocuous acute conditions like a sore throat, or a cough.  These will resolve without you interfering, and won’t recur if properly dealt with by the body’s immune system.  Chances are, with antibiotics, it will be back before you know it.. and the whole miserable cycle begins.

And this goes for all the other drugs as well.  Paracetamol to suppress fevers (terrible idea), antihistamines every time there is a slight sniffle or itchy eye….  Now I know sometimes children’s health is so compromised, that they need these drugs to offer respite from horribly uncomfortable symptoms (usually caused by all the other interventions they’ve been given in the years leading up to the appearance of the symptoms).  But where possible, try to turn this habit around.  Leave your child alone.  Let their wonderfully sophisticated bodies do the work…  give the building blocks of good, organic nutrition, clean water, rest, movement, sunshine, and a stress-free environment… I guarantee outcomes will be overall better, with a longer lasting picture of health.

As a post-script, I would add that in Homeopathy, we have the tools to redress the disruption to gut flora, thanks to the work of Bach, and Patterson.  The Bowel Nosodes offer a great way of restoring balance, if well applied.  So do not despair – there is hope for a healthy gut, whatever the health history!

Some interesting links on the Gut Microbiome and Bowel Nosodes:

Emma Allen-Vercoe – research on faecal transplants.

John Cryan – PhD – microbiota-gut-brain axis & the role in behavioural disorders.

Bowel Nosodes – A Summary by Mary Coulter




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