Does MMR Cause Autism?


The $64,000 contentious question of the century.  And of course, it is not one with a straightforward ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

Specialising in the homeopathic treatment of autism, we regularly meet parents who say that their child was developing normally until the MMR was administered.  They feel that this was the ‘tipping point’ where things started to regress, words were lost, and connectivity with the outside world diminished.   So what is going on in these cases?  And why only them?

The phrase ‘tipping point’ is indeed crucial in this scenario.  What we tend to find is that there are a number of factors that contribute to the child in question being susceptible to vaccine damage of this nature.

To try to simplify it, it is about the individual child’s immune system and detoxification pathways, and their variable ability to cope with the ‘shock’ of vaccination.  Bombarding a child’s body with several viruses in one hit, alongside all the toxic substances that make up a vaccine (antibiotics, heavy metals, formaldehyde, to name a few), can send their immature immune system into chaos.

Let us say that a child’s immunity is already on the back foot from any combination of previous vaccinations, illness, infections, complications at birth, rounds of antibiotics, prematurity, a genetically inefficient liver (in terms of bile production and methylation processes), to name a few.  If their system is already struggling to find its balance, then introducing such an onslaught of toxins and viruses directly into their bloodstream at such a vulnerable point in their development is risky, at best.  Children aren’t in any way assessed for any of these risk factors, and still, in spite of such a growing body of evidence to the contrary, parents are assured that vaccines are ‘perfectly safe’.

I will stand up and say I do not believe the MMR, or any other vaccine to be ‘perfectly safe’.  Autism is just one of a plethora of pathologies that can eventuate as a result of ill-timed and inappropriate vaccination.  I understand it is a difficult equation…. On the one hand, the threat of childhood disease which in a very small percentage of cases might do lasting damage, and on the other hand, vaccination, which may cause permanent damage leading to a life-time of chronic ill health and developmental delay.  I am a parent myself, and know first-hand the conundrum of whether to vaccinate – not made any easier by a virtual bullying culture within mainstream medicine if one chooses to opt out.

When I sit and consider the question ‘does MMR cause autism?’ I realise I am reticent to make any bold statements….I am hugely affected by the massive campaign in the media to rubbish any voice which suggests there may be a problem here.  But I have not read just one side – I have read all the evidence I could find on both sides of the argument, and I do not believe that anyone, in good conscience, can guarantee the safety of vaccinations.  It is in my view, at best, a lottery, but unfortunately for many, a lottery with dire consequences.

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Written by: Anna Rayner 

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