In response to concerns raised about the vaccination detox

In response to the thread on Arnica today: 

Firstly to the administrators of the Arnica Facebook group –  Apologies to have inadvertently caused a bit of a stir on your site!  I didn’t post the original thread, but am happy to answer any of the queries raised.

With regards the concern about a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  I don’t believe that is at all what I am doing.  The people I am interested in treating are specifically those who feel that there was a definite relationship between vaccination and onset of their child’s symptoms, thus making them a sub-group.  Of course this is not the case for many children, and whilst this doesn’t necessarily rule out the involvement of vaccines in their pathology, as a starting point I would like to treat more children using this style of detox where there was a definite temporal link.  It is my belief that in our times, classical homeopathy has become less relevant (and less effective) due to the immense amount of pharmacological involvement that most children have had.  A universal ‘layer’ if you like.  I think we need to address this, and try to amend ways of practising so they continue to be effective.

What I have found over time after seeing many cases of autism, is that whilst every case has its individual aspects, there is often causal crossover.   In the case of autism, I believe this causal crossover is vaccination. Not in 100% of cases, but in the majority (dating back to in-utero flu shots in some cases). I think this vaccination involvement also applies to many of the nervous system disorders like ADHD, Tourettes, and so forth.  It is, in general, a good place to start in terms of detoxes.  The only major exception if parents are sure of the link, is where there are steroids in use, or  have been used extensively in the recent past.  In these cases, the results of a detox tend to be underwhelming, as the immune system is so suppressed.  That is not to say these cases are ‘untreatable’, but that the steroids need addressing first.

Now to address the specifics of patient care, and ‘data’ that were raised.  This is not a scientific ‘trial’.  There are far too many variables for it to be called such.  It is merely an exercise in  1. reaching more children than would otherwise be possible  2. Introducing people to homeopathy who have been thinking about it, but for financial or other reasons, haven’t got around to it  3. gaining more extensive knowledge of clinical effects in order to learn in what ways children improve after this detox, and to what degree.  It is only by seeing many, many patients that one can start to build a body of clinical evidence, which helps inform other cases.  I have always been in favour of a public forum for sharing successful cases so we can all learn from them, if anyone is interested in starting one…

In terms of possible remedy aggravations – in accordance with Alan Freestone‘s findings, in my clinical experience these are very rare.  In fact, the only person I know personally who has had a serious aggravation from a CEASE style detox is myself.  And whilst it was rather unpleasant, the results subsequently were astounding in terms of the improvement in my health.  Obviously the goal is for treatment to be gentle, and patients will be encouraged to contact me immediately if they have any concerns about remedy reaction.

I will be capping the interest at 100 patients, as my funds and time won’t stretch to more.  I embarked on this because a few hundred pounds turned up that my late mother had in premium bonds.  She was passionate about alternative health practises, homeopathy and the like, and I felt that this would be a great use of this surprise money.  I will be treating each of the 100 people exactly as I would any patient, being available for email contact wherever needed, and of course to be on hand in the very unlikely event of severe aggravation. You are welcome to  read the instruction sheet that will accompany each package.  I am not including patients on seizure medication, or steroids in the project.

With regards my credentials, as I think Alan said, we both trained with Ton Jansen in Holland.  I am not listed on the website simply because I never got around to it, feeling that the knowledge I left with was much more important than a certificate or being listed on a site.  In addition, it was my understanding that there was something of a schism of opinion between the USA CEASE body, and the Homeopathic Detox of Holland, hence the different nomenclature.

I second Khush’s point about fear.  I think if we practice from a place of fear, then this will be echoed in our patients.  CEASE is no more of an actual ‘thing’ than any other fashion in homeopathy.  Homeopathy is evolving all the time, hopefully being informed by clinical practice, rather than any sort of theoretical Guru worshipping.  For example, I believe when CEASE was first introduced, a ‘clear’ could take months and months, and would be one individual vaccine.  This is no longer taught in the same way, at least in Holland… so who is right?  Those who trained 8 years ago, or those who trained last year?  The answer is probably no-one.  All of these ideas in homeopathy, as far as I can tell, are far from 100% effective.  If they were, we wouldn’t be so rubbished by mainstream media!  They are all Works In Progress, and I believe our job as practitioners is to keep seeing as many patients as time allows, in order to become more effective, and to see what works in practice, rather than in theory.

As a final point, I think in general, a more supportive and compassionate attitude is needed to fellow practitioners, even if they hold different beliefs and work in differing ways.  I prefer to trust their competence unless I have specific reason not to.  As a group very much in the minority of current thinking, I think we would be well-served to stick together!

Anna Rayner, 11.9.14

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