Root Cause – What’s All the Fuss About?

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If I had to say what is the most pivotal difference between the homeopathic understanding of disease, and that of mainstream medicine, it would centre on these two little words: Root Cause.  Homeopathy is always, always seeking for this in any particular case, and then looks to rebalance the body, dependant on what this ’cause’ might be.  This might be multifactorial, but we try to uncover the chronology of what ‘shocks’ to the person created the imbalance in their energy and health.  In contrast, mainstream medicine doesn’t seem to concern itself too much with what caused the imbalance in the first place, and instead looks to start blotting out symptoms in a vain attempt to bring about ‘cure’.  What it neglects to realise, is that the symptoms that the body produces, are the body’s best effort to try and bring about balance.  By simply covering up the symptoms, the pathology tends to be driven deeper and deeper, and a picture of chronic ill health emerges.

An analogy:  If your car dashboard is flashing ‘engine trouble’, you don’t fix this by putting out the warning light. You fix it by servicing the engine.  It is the exact same thing in the body.  If you are throwing a fever because there is inflammation somewhere, then suppressing the fever using paracetamol and the like, is just asking for trouble.  There is such a culture of fear around letting the body do what it needs to do.  If a child’s temperature goes above the norm by a 10th of a degree, it is common practice to give them a slug of calpol or the like.  This is denying the body’s attempts to bring itself back into balance.  Ironically it can often be misplaced medical interventions which cause the temperature spikes in the first place!  The sorry pattern starts, and just tends to continue, as the poor body tries and tries to regain its balance, and is constantly thwarted.

So instead of extinguishing the body’s attempts to heal itself, in homeopathy, we listen to these symptoms, and assess what is going on underneath.  We think about where they started, and why.  It is like being a health detective, and is a very satisfying pursuit.

As a parent, you will have instincts about your child’s health that no practitioner of any kind can even begin to match.  You will know at what point the tide turned for your beautiful child.  You will know if there was a moment in time when things began to go off piste.  It would be my advice to listen to that inner knowledge, and act on it.  Your instincts, coupled with a good homeopath, can hopefully start to unpick the damage and set your child onto a different path… one of health and vitality.

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