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The theme of treatment this week is HANDS OFF!! We have it so ingrained in us that the second a symptom appears we must ‘do something’ – give drugs, dose, tamper…. when a lot of the time, doing nothing would be a much more sensible option.  The number of parents who are in a perpetual cycle […]

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William Thompson, CDC Whistleblower – comment

Anyone who is tapped into the vaccine debate will be aware of recent news that evidence suggesting an increased risk of autism, particularly in African American children who received the MMR before 2 years of age, was knowingly suppressed by the CDC for over a decade. The hiding and manipulation of data was uncovered after […]

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Supplements – Less is More?

When it comes to treating Autism, the subject of supplementation can become a hotbed of total confusion for parents whose resources are already tested to the max.  One starts to feel the need for a PhD in biochemistry just to try and navigate through the sequential minefield of what to put in, what to take […]

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