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PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES…. When vaccination is unavoidable, there are steps that can be taken to ensure minimal risks.  Here are my guidelines should this be the case.  You can choose some or all of these – of the list, the most important is, don’t suppress any associated fever, and don’t vaccinate when ill in any way. […]

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William Thompson, CDC Whistleblower – comment

Anyone who is tapped into the vaccine debate will be aware of recent news that evidence suggesting an increased risk of autism, particularly in African American children who received the MMR before 2 years of age, was knowingly suppressed by the CDC for over a decade. The hiding and manipulation of data was uncovered after […]

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A letter to the Editor of the Economist

   I wrote this letter to the Editor of the Economist today, but almost certainly it will not see the light of day.  I thought I’d publish it here instead!   LETTER TO THE EDITOR OF THE ECONOMIST I was somewhat puzzled to read your article entitled: ‘Anti-vaccine campaigners: Clueless’  in the June print edition […]

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