AJ – Pennsylvania, USA

nb: AJ contacted me and wanted to try the vaccination detox.  I explained that results may not be as marked in an adult, but was keen to try to see if any positive effects were observed. 

8 week vaccination detox. 

Symptoms experienced throughout the detox:  metallic taste in my mouth, acne break-outs, anxiety, low energy, insomnia, lack of focus, diarrhoea, low mood, aggressive mood swing, extreme outbursts of anger.

I’m a 32 yr old white female. I’ve always been sickly. I noticed changes in myself when I look back. It started at four years of age. I was so fatigued in the mornings to get up for school that my mom had to carry me out the bed and dress me. I always thought I was such a difficult child. I would rock back and fourth on the couch because at times I was hyperactive and exhibited adhd symptoms. My mom says she started giving me shots when school started so this would be the exact time I changed. I always struggled in school. Couldn’t focus and I was always behind my peers. By the time I hit thirteen it was worse. I did not end up graduating but instead was home schooled. I still have not finished college either. Since I did the poly vac detox I have been more focused and organized, I want to do more things, but the major thing it changed that I’m pretty happy about is my communication is much better and I’m setting more healthy boundaries with people. Before I did not know how to communicate my needs and I did not set boundaries therefore, leaving me always frustrated and angry. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do this detox as an adult.

Thank you Anna!

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