AN – France

report following 5 months of treatment – vaccination and antibiotics detoxes, along with classical prescribing for temper tantrums & outburst of extreme anger. 

NA finished the ABX detox on 5/4/15.  The fits of anger diminished following the accelerated course of Tuberculinum.  Today, we are no longer seeing any of the anger which was so problematic.

I have noticed he is more present that before we started treatment.  He engages in less stimming, and even when it does appear, it tends to be much shorter in duration.  He is now more calm and is communicating far better with me.  I truly notice a great improvement, and I now see the possibility of a ‘normal’ child when I observe him.  Of course he has many things still to learn, but he is much more cooperative in his behaviour, and he is calmer and more receptive.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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