Anonymous Mummy London

Am so glad to have found Alan and Anna. They are incredibly  knowledgeable about ASD and the various health complaints our children suffer from and also very approachable and kind . They immediately put me and my 4 year old Son at ease and I feel we are in good hands in healing him.  We started with a MMR detox remedy and instantly saw physical signs of the body healing- rashes, increased  urination, diarrhoea and a cold sore. There was a general slight improvement in behaviour too. On the next potency we saw wonderful emotional gains- my son became so much more affectionate and loving and engages now in proper heartfelt cuddling and kissing  and tells me all the time how much he loves me – unprompted. That has been the most incredible thing. The detoxes have also brought a few regressions our way but we kept in contact with Alan for advice re dosing. Our latest dose has brought on a profuse cold (he rarely got those) and conjunctivitis- his immune system seems to starting up and, wonderfully, his tolerance of foods has improved – hard to believe all this in only 3  months. We are, of course, impatient as my son has amazing days and regressions (a pattern he has always had before starting treatment) but Alan and Anna have a plan for his treatment and we are excited for what lies ahead. Anonymous Mummy London.”

(nb , this case was taken in collaboration with my colleague alan Freestone (

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