Observations from the 8 week vaccination detox:  

ATEC score at start of vaccination detox:  99    ATEC score on follow-up:  53

Physical observations during detox:

  • Changes in bowel movements
  • Increased sweating and thirst
  • increased energy
  • Night waking when remedy was given

Behavioural changes:

  • Increased irritability due to more awareness of surroundings
  • Increase in creative play / interest in outside world – more aware and connected to surroundings
  • Increase in vocalisations – at the beginning of the treatment began saying 3 word sentences
  • Increase in hand-flapping during the detox
  • Increased attention span
  • More adventurous appetite – trying new foods.  Used to scream at new foods.
  • Improved motor control – drawing.
  • Increased interaction with caregiver – started giving kisses
  • Eye contact – much better
  • Anxiety levels – increased
  • Did regress in potty training, and also making us feed him where he used to feed himself.
  • Started waving, saying bye bye, and hi
  • In general much more connected to surroundings.


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