EB – France

We started poly vacc detox on September 29th on my 4,5 year old son, the first signs of detox appeared two days later: I noticed his thirst and fatiguability at once, a week later, he  wetted his pants daytime unexpectedly, he also went several times a day to the toilet, urinating and moving his bowels more, his urine had an unusual strong smell. At the same time, I observed positive change in his social skills: he was playing adequately whereas I had never observed this before to that degree. In fact, all along the detox course, my son improved his skills by playing a wide range of games: from a set of stamps to a board game. He also started writing, drawing and painting at home, sharing with us. The quality of his hair was improved I noticed a month later, it passed from rough and mat to smooth and shiny. I acknowledge language skills and interactions have improved by a lot 20 days after starting, for instance, asking meaningful questions like « what’s in that box over there? » or expressing himself clearly like « a bit more, please »( for food or playing). He also learnt how to sulk and rebel against us using words adequately. I also witness that during the detox course he was more hyper, more sensitive to sounds and stereotypies reemerged a few times. His ATEC before poly vacc detox was 57 and after it came down to 31.
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