We finished the 8 week vaccine detox, I am very very happy with the results I saw in my son.

His reactions were high fever, very hard to lower it down, the fever always was next day  after giving the poly 200. He missed school and also slept a lot in the night like 13 hours in a row which is very atypical in him.  We saw little rashes on face, and one day with vomit, like 3 times, and both boys had very hard days in behavior on sundays (after the ccc dosage on saturdays).  I can definitely say in particular my youngest son has a lot of positive changes: his hyperactivity decreased, better mood, more social interaction, better attention, initiation in play requesting to play, more expressive language,  now he is watching t.v. understanding what is happening and laughing at jokes on cartoons, before  it was hard for him to entertain himself, he was not interested in tv.

nb: in the follow up consultation it was found that the older brother had a lot of steroid exposures, which we are now clearing.  This often ‘blocks’ remedy action, and as a matter of course I would now address this ‘layer’ as a first prescription.  

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