KH – France

Our 4 years old has been diagnosed with autism and Reklinghausen syndrom. As a baby he grew up “on-time”, was enjoying and preferring single moments, but was a happy and smilling baby. By 12/18 months he lost the very few words he had, and slowly went into his “own world”, his own bubble, was refusing interaction, being very hard to feed, non-verbal.

After lots of researches on line, we were very attracted with the biomedical approach, it was making sense for us, that an environment intoxication could have increase or started his autism symptoms. The classical biomed approaches was very restrictive in termes of diet and need to take lots of supplémentations that our son would refuse to take, we then decided to contact Anna. We were a bit sceptical, despite the common use of homeopathy at home. Anna gave us opportunity to try the vaccination detox amongst with some supplement.

The way our son reacted was due to the remedies as it was the only changes we made in his thérapies at this time, every first week of each potency, he had some increase of  “autism behaviours”, regression in terms of autonomy, no communication,….and every second week, he was like “awoken”, having an incredible eye contact, cooperation,….We have been monitoring and writting every day the reactions of our son, as to make sure, something is happening or not. The changes were soft, and somehow slow, hard to realise on a daily manner at home or school. What we could say, is that before this detox, people looking at our son would see he has “something”, and after, that he has a normal behaviour for his age. Only if people would ask him a question, they wouldn’t understand why he doesn’t answer (he is still non-verbal). Life at home was easier, our son’s obsessional demands disapeared, turning things, flapping disappeared aswell, sometimes he was waking up in middle of the night and this never appeared again, understanding is now great.

A short little update….we are on week 2 of the second detox…..and something incredible happenned yesterday: KH ate FRUITS! Bananas, tangerines, apples! this is a very first time ever. I often joke as french like to say to people you need to eat 5 veg and fructs a day….for the first time ever, KH has fullfilled his french diet obligations..! The fruits were on the table as usual, and he just went to pick them by himself, we, just starring at him and enjoying seeing him having pleasure eating his new things….!!!!

I forgot to notice an important point……KH had permanent running nose from his 4th month old and this has now stopped totally!!!

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