MS – Phoenix, Arizona

We did the detox early this year. We started in 01/15 and ended the detox in 02/15. Fortunately, we had great results. I noticed a lot of RJ’s sensory issues improved. Less sensitive to noise. Able to eat different foods with different consistencies. Less sensitive to clothes. We can pretty much dress him in anything now.

The best and greatest result has been his cognitive function and more language.During the detox it self we noticed his behavior became a problem again. Definitely a regression with more tantrums, attention seeking behavior, elopement, and avoidance to any demand placed on him. It was a tough 8 weeks, but all worth it. No fevers that I noticed or cold like symptoms. The only changes that were noticeable was the regression in behavior.

I wanted to reach out to you about doing a second round of the detox.

Thanks for all the help!

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