S.C. – Birmingham, UK

We’d tried homeopathy once before for our son (now 4), but with no great success. Anna’s methods seem much more ‘methodical’ and we carefully went through his history (and mine) to make a ‘toxicity timeline’. I was shocked to see it written down – just how much D had been exposed to in his short life. If only I knew then what I know now….

In the first couple of months not much happened… we tried a couple of remedies, with no noticeable results. Then on the third consultation, Anna gave us Carc, and the party started ☺ D threw a fever for the first time since he was a baby, and afterwards there was a really obvious improvement. He was more ‘connected’ and his concentration improved. He could now sit and play with us for an hour, whereas previously that would have been impossible. It’s early days, but I have great hope now.

Anna herself is lovely to work with. Practical, and has lots of knowledge on a lot of the other treatments for autism. It was good to get her perspective on frequent dose chelation for example, as she’d been through it herself. It is starting to feel like we are all working together, to help D back to health. I love the amount of time and attention that Anna gives us – this has been a bit lacking in other things we’ve tried, and it really makes a difference to me.

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