SB – France

Here is our summary of the detox that we started in November 2014 (ABX 4 weeks, then 8 weeks Vaccination)

ABX: First week, slept far better than usual.  Was eating less than usual.  He wasn’t coping with unplanned events at all well, and kept closing his eyes.  His stools changed consistency and were more often than usual.  Week 2: a spectacular regression!  Incredibly irritated / irascible, hardly spoke, angrily crying, lots of stereotyped behaviours.  Diarrhoea and nausea for 3 days, very tired.  This however passed.

We started the Vaccination Detox on 22/12/14.  We had a very good period – LB was very connected, sleeping well, responding to questions more – everyone was remarking on his progress (at school for example).  On 5/2/15 we had another regression.  He was agitated, lots of stimming, moving like a robot, echolalia.  He did however have a large appetite, and was sleeping well.  After the end of the detox things settled back down, and he remains much calmer, better connected, and more responsive to his external environment.

We look forward to continuing treatment.

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