WM- Hampshire, UK

We are only on week 3 of the vaccination detox.  What you read will make it quite obvious what EM and those of us around have experienced.  It has been wonderful watching and feeling her really and enjoying close contact, touch and affection now in the same way her brother does.  Before, when I wanted to cuddle her she would squirm away.  Now she is actively enjoying cuddles saying ‘hmm, mummy, I love this.  I want to stay like this forever‘. It feels AMAZING. Her confidence has also increased to a higher level.

Here are some of my observations:

  • Increase in eye-contact, and appropriate use of greetings with strangers
  • Increase in pretend play
  • Huge increase in affectionate behaviour – cuddles etc.
  • Appropriate speech, more elaborate speech, use of ‘I’ rather than 3rd person.
  • Helping around house – reports it is to ‘help mummy’.  This level of empathy has never happened before.

There will be more reports, but I was excited to keep you informed!

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