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Natasha, Russia

Now I am ready to give the feedback
Nickolai is exactly 2,8 today
We have finished the prescripted homeopathy several months ago
And we continue following the diet prescription
He started to talk, he has already learned colors, numbers, animals – spontaneously may be in one month
Pointing gesture appeared
He is confident with the eye contact and he always addresses somebody with his problem
He is full of love
One thing remained – still attached to bottle, 1 or 2 in a day, and a picky eater
But he is gaining weight and full of energy so I just let it go
Definetly no autism is here
We love you!
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BM, South Africa

We ran the vaccine detox again as suggested and I am dealing with a different child. Confident, outgoing, happy little chappy. Thank you so so much!

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MS – Phoenix, Arizona

We did the detox early this year. We started in 01/15 and ended the detox in 02/15. Fortunately, we had great results. I noticed a lot of RJ’s sensory issues improved. Less sensitive to noise. Able to eat different foods with different consistencies. Less sensitive to clothes. We can pretty much dress him in anything now.

The best and greatest result has been his cognitive function and more language.During the detox it self we noticed his behavior became a problem again. Definitely a regression with more tantrums, attention seeking behavior, elopement, and avoidance to any demand placed on him. It was a tough 8 weeks, but all worth it. No fevers that I noticed or cold like symptoms. The only changes that were noticeable was the regression in behavior.

I wanted to reach out to you about doing a second round of the detox.

Thanks for all the help!

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KH – France

Our 4 years old has been diagnosed with autism and Reklinghausen syndrom. As a baby he grew up “on-time”, was enjoying and preferring single moments, but was a happy and smilling baby. By 12/18 months he lost the very few words he had, and slowly went into his “own world”, his own bubble, was refusing interaction, being very hard to feed, non-verbal.

After lots of researches on line, we were very attracted with the biomedical approach, it was making sense for us, that an environment intoxication could have increase or started his autism symptoms. The classical biomed approaches was very restrictive in termes of diet and need to take lots of supplémentations that our son would refuse to take, we then decided to contact Anna. We were a bit sceptical, despite the common use of homeopathy at home. Anna gave us opportunity to try the vaccination detox amongst with some supplement.

The way our son reacted was due to the remedies as it was the only changes we made in his thérapies at this time, every first week of each potency, he had some increase of  “autism behaviours”, regression in terms of autonomy, no communication,….and every second week, he was like “awoken”, having an incredible eye contact, cooperation,….We have been monitoring and writting every day the reactions of our son, as to make sure, something is happening or not. The changes were soft, and somehow slow, hard to realise on a daily manner at home or school. What we could say, is that before this detox, people looking at our son would see he has “something”, and after, that he has a normal behaviour for his age. Only if people would ask him a question, they wouldn’t understand why he doesn’t answer (he is still non-verbal). Life at home was easier, our son’s obsessional demands disapeared, turning things, flapping disappeared aswell, sometimes he was waking up in middle of the night and this never appeared again, understanding is now great.

A short little update….we are on week 2 of the second detox…..and something incredible happenned yesterday: KH ate FRUITS! Bananas, tangerines, apples! this is a very first time ever. I often joke as french like to say to people you need to eat 5 veg and fructs a day….for the first time ever, KH has fullfilled his french diet obligations..! The fruits were on the table as usual, and he just went to pick them by himself, we, just starring at him and enjoying seeing him having pleasure eating his new things….!!!!

I forgot to notice an important point……KH had permanent running nose from his 4th month old and this has now stopped totally!!!

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AN – France

report following 5 months of treatment – vaccination and antibiotics detoxes, along with classical prescribing for temper tantrums & outburst of extreme anger. 

NA finished the ABX detox on 5/4/15.  The fits of anger diminished following the accelerated course of Tuberculinum.  Today, we are no longer seeing any of the anger which was so problematic.

I have noticed he is more present that before we started treatment.  He engages in less stimming, and even when it does appear, it tends to be much shorter in duration.  He is now more calm and is communicating far better with me.  I truly notice a great improvement, and I now see the possibility of a ‘normal’ child when I observe him.  Of course he has many things still to learn, but he is much more cooperative in his behaviour, and he is calmer and more receptive.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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WM- Hampshire, UK

We are only on week 3 of the vaccination detox.  What you read will make it quite obvious what EM and those of us around have experienced.  It has been wonderful watching and feeling her really and enjoying close contact, touch and affection now in the same way her brother does.  Before, when I wanted to cuddle her she would squirm away.  Now she is actively enjoying cuddles saying ‘hmm, mummy, I love this.  I want to stay like this forever‘. It feels AMAZING. Her confidence has also increased to a higher level.

Here are some of my observations:

  • Increase in eye-contact, and appropriate use of greetings with strangers
  • Increase in pretend play
  • Huge increase in affectionate behaviour – cuddles etc.
  • Appropriate speech, more elaborate speech, use of ‘I’ rather than 3rd person.
  • Helping around house – reports it is to ‘help mummy’.  This level of empathy has never happened before.

There will be more reports, but I was excited to keep you informed!

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Observations from the 8 week vaccination detox:  

ATEC score at start of vaccination detox:  99    ATEC score on follow-up:  53

Physical observations during detox:

  • Changes in bowel movements
  • Increased sweating and thirst
  • increased energy
  • Night waking when remedy was given

Behavioural changes:

  • Increased irritability due to more awareness of surroundings
  • Increase in creative play / interest in outside world – more aware and connected to surroundings
  • Increase in vocalisations – at the beginning of the treatment began saying 3 word sentences
  • Increase in hand-flapping during the detox
  • Increased attention span
  • More adventurous appetite – trying new foods.  Used to scream at new foods.
  • Improved motor control – drawing.
  • Increased interaction with caregiver – started giving kisses
  • Eye contact – much better
  • Anxiety levels – increased
  • Did regress in potty training, and also making us feed him where he used to feed himself.
  • Started waving, saying bye bye, and hi
  • In general much more connected to surroundings.


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AD – Florida, USA

I just want share with you my experience during AD’s 8 week vaccination detox process.
We finished 8 weeks on march 26/15.
* I see his changes especially expressing himself, better social skills and more focus.
* His health is much better – he is not falling sick so often
* During the detox process, I saw many toxins getting out, especially from the skin (rashes etc.)
I want to really thank you..he is getting much much better. You are awesome :)
Thank you
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SB – France

Here is our summary of the detox that we started in November 2014 (ABX 4 weeks, then 8 weeks Vaccination)

ABX: First week, slept far better than usual.  Was eating less than usual.  He wasn’t coping with unplanned events at all well, and kept closing his eyes.  His stools changed consistency and were more often than usual.  Week 2: a spectacular regression!  Incredibly irritated / irascible, hardly spoke, angrily crying, lots of stereotyped behaviours.  Diarrhoea and nausea for 3 days, very tired.  This however passed.

We started the Vaccination Detox on 22/12/14.  We had a very good period – LB was very connected, sleeping well, responding to questions more – everyone was remarking on his progress (at school for example).  On 5/2/15 we had another regression.  He was agitated, lots of stimming, moving like a robot, echolalia.  He did however have a large appetite, and was sleeping well.  After the end of the detox things settled back down, and he remains much calmer, better connected, and more responsive to his external environment.

We look forward to continuing treatment.

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AJ – Pennsylvania, USA

nb: AJ contacted me and wanted to try the vaccination detox.  I explained that results may not be as marked in an adult, but was keen to try to see if any positive effects were observed. 

8 week vaccination detox. 

Symptoms experienced throughout the detox:  metallic taste in my mouth, acne break-outs, anxiety, low energy, insomnia, lack of focus, diarrhoea, low mood, aggressive mood swing, extreme outbursts of anger.

I’m a 32 yr old white female. I’ve always been sickly. I noticed changes in myself when I look back. It started at four years of age. I was so fatigued in the mornings to get up for school that my mom had to carry me out the bed and dress me. I always thought I was such a difficult child. I would rock back and fourth on the couch because at times I was hyperactive and exhibited adhd symptoms. My mom says she started giving me shots when school started so this would be the exact time I changed. I always struggled in school. Couldn’t focus and I was always behind my peers. By the time I hit thirteen it was worse. I did not end up graduating but instead was home schooled. I still have not finished college either. Since I did the poly vac detox I have been more focused and organized, I want to do more things, but the major thing it changed that I’m pretty happy about is my communication is much better and I’m setting more healthy boundaries with people. Before I did not know how to communicate my needs and I did not set boundaries therefore, leaving me always frustrated and angry. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do this detox as an adult.

Thank you Anna!

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