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ES – Mexico

We are happy to inform you about the successful completion of the vaccination detox protocol. Great results we can corroborate. Eye contact improvement, conduct improvement, the attention periods are bigger and is more interested in other tasks and activities, the  facial expressions are more vivid and he is more interested in interpreting them.

Other important improvement are a number of new foods added to his diet, and he is a lot more interested on taste new foods. It is a big improvement in that area for us.

We are extremely interested in the other detox protocols that may help our son further.

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GW – Phoenix, USA

Parental Account following 8 week poly-vaccination detox:

We just finished treatment and we are very pleased! AW is showing more comprehension and communication, improvement in bilateral coordination (she just learned hiw to pedal her bike after 3 years of trying!), less OCD behavior, willing to try new foods, showing more independence (she wants to do what others do and doesn’t want help).

For the first time in her life I am able to take her to the playground and just watch her! She is also coming close to other kids, greeting them and interacting more with them. We only saw some periods when she was more sensory and cranky, also some days waking up at night, but nothing compared to where she was years ago when she would wake up in the middle of the night and be awake for hours and showing OCD behavior. I wish I could give you a huge hug. THANK YOU! What do we do next? She still has lots to catch up. Is there anything else that can help her? Love homeopathy!!!

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MD – London

When I met Anna I was at the end of my hopes to get any better. I was having issues with my stomach for a couple of years. I was often in pain and I could barely eat anything. After seeing doctors after doctors and labelled with different diagnosis nothing was helping. I stopped seeing doctors and sadly told myself that I had to learn to live with the pain.

When I meet Anna for an assessment she explained that because of all the antibiotic taken my stomach lost all the natural defences and it was struggling to cope; It made sense to me!  That is when we both agree to try her suggested remedy. At this point I didn’t know if it would have worked but I also knew that I didn’t have nothing to loose.  I had to take the remedy for a month. Anna wrote me a clear plan of how and when to take the pills, it was very easy simple to follow.  And guess what? Today has been almost a year and I’m pain free! It is fantastic to not constantly be worried about when the pain will come next. It is a relief!

The other remedy that I felt had an instant response was the “Sepia”, for premenstrual issues.  It was like someone switched a light on. My outlook in general brightened up, I felt brighter more alert and more positive. I still find it hard to explain the sudden effect of the Sepia I think that it is something that it is felt but hard to explain.  I still take the Sepia when I feel that my body and mind need a little spark to light up 😉

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JP – France

Prescription 1: 8 week vaccination detox:: JP changed significantly during the protocol.  He often had fever after the Nux Vomica 6CH in the morning, marked skin rashes also.  Better eye/hand coordination, and increased ability in art – better able to hold a pen.  His comprehension was notably increased, and he was more rapidly understanding instructions.  He had new interest in food.  Since the start of the constant rounds of antibiotics following MMR, he has been severely picky.  He would only eat about 3 different foods.  I noticed during the detox he started to be naturally curious about food, and eat spontaneously (new foods).  The smell of the dinner cooking would now make him laugh.  He did have some constipation throughout the detox.  He now has more energy, and is much more curious about the world around him.  He can now show me when I ask him where something is hurting.  This is entirely new.  There is an increase in showing his emotions, crying when sad etc.  He seems to now have ‘life in his eyes’.  After the vaccination detox receptive language is ++++

Prescription 2: Acute Strep detox (Strep nosode, 2 weeks ascending potency) – this was given for acute Strep throat, which appears a lot in JP.  Given alongside Merc 200C, and Oligo-Elements Cuivre-Or-Argent and zinc to boost immunity.  Observations:  For the first 3 days he was very ill – sore throat, cough, white liquid oozing from his tonsils, then resolution of the acute without the need of antibiotics (he has had more than 30 rounds in the past).   Bowel movements became more regular.  More new interest in foods (spontaneous), including many foods he previously refused to eat.

Prescription 3: Antibiotics detox (8 weeks) with Silica, continuation of Merc and Oligo-elements/zinc. Still fighting sub-acute infection.  Has managed to throw this off without antibiotics.  Lots of fevers throughout this course, but increased appetite and interest in food.  He has started making vocalisations for the first time – he has discovered that he has a voice.  Crying out, laughing, making echolalia sounds:  bibi, bobi, pipi, papa, A, O, I, Ou, Oui. He no longer has dark circles under his eyes.


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BA (age 5) – CO, USA

Observations following 8 week vaccination detox: 

“BA is doing great and continues to speak more and more every day. Just night potty trained himself. He refused a night diaper 4 nights ago and has had a dry bed every morning. Will sometimes even get up and pee in the middle of the night”.

Additional observations from mother’s notes during the 8 weeks:

  • Increase in vocab;
  • More ‘humour’ observed
  • Making himself laugh more.
  • Singing a great deal.
  • More ‘enquiries’ about the world around him – externalising.
  • Saying ‘bye bye’ unprompted.
  • Increase in spontaneous learning of new skills.
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MR – Puerto Rico

Observations from 8 week vaccination detox project:  

We started the vaccine protocol in November 2014. After a week of treatment, Twin1’s behavior improved, there was more language, his anxiety diminished and he was following more complexed instructions.

After another week Twin2 started with the screaming and hand-flapping. He did a lot of talking but not in a conversation, he was trying though to communicate. There were no sleeping disturbances but there were with their appetite.

Twin1 was really dependent of his mom. Their faeces were very smelly and with dark residues, like soil. No constipation was present. After 1 month of treatment, Twin1, started hitting his mom, pulling her hair and pressing her breasts really hard.  At times he was happy, then furious, will start to hit her and then kissed her. Something really significant was that Twin1 was usually very anxious and with the treatment the anxiety disappeared.  At week 8, there was vomiting and a skin reaction around the lip area of Twin1. He presented cracked, fissured and peeled lips.  No more hitting Mom and we continue to see positive results.

We will be continuing treatment.

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KL – North Carolina, USA

Part 1: Feedback from 8 week vaccine detox.
Physically when we started, he had rashes on his face and torso that lasted a few weeks.  He had runny nose and increased thirst as well. Behaviorally, the day after a dose, he would be crankier, more oppositional.
Overall, his receptive and expressive language has increased a lot.  He has initiated more pretend play, has initiated play with his brother.  He will sit and do homework for a longer period of time.  He was always affectionate, but only with me but will now go to his teachers, father, brother and ask for hugs on his own.  He knows the time for bathtime/bedtime and will ask us to take him to bath or bed.  He imitates speech more and knows he needs to verbally ask for things and that has increased a lot.  The change he has had in play and understanding and his behavior has been very noticeable to us at home, and by school and therapists.
His ATEC score went from a 23 to 17 over the 8 weeks.
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Notes taken by mum during the vaccination detox: 
OCTOBER 11/2014: 1st week:  loose stools, rash and headache..  2nd week: still with rash. Prominent red tiny marks (rash looking not blisters like on Ch.pox), on both arms and his checks
OCTOBER 21/2014: ANGER which lasted the whole rest of the course.
Thursday, Nov, 02, 2014 5 week” POLY VACC 1M: parasites on stool
Nov, 20, 2014: final day of the detox course.
Nov, 25, 2014: A flare of creativity. He wanted and decided to “write a book” (he told me what to write) he was also the illustrator.
He remained mad and very very bad behavior all remaining month and December. 2014 but it settled down.
Allen's book-2
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KH – Arizona, USA

Throughout the vaccination detox, we noticed rashes (eczema flares localized on JH’s right thigh and upper right buttock and keratosis pilaris on his arms, legs, and cheeks), a change in bowel movements (daily and appropriate color/consistency), minor cold symptoms on and off consisting of a runny/stuffy nose and cough, and positive appetite changes (eating more food and a much wider variety of food!).
During the detox, we saw some behavioral changes in terms of irritability and anger as well as crying easily. As we got to the 10M potency, we began to see changes in speech and language–more complete sentences and Jack explaining what he wants/needs. Jack seems to have a better understanding of explanations and stories on TV too. We feel the biggest changes occurred with the improvement in bowel movements and the changes in his appetite. JH used to be more limited in his diet and ate too little. Now he’s eating what we eat, and as much as we eat most of the time!
When we started the vaccination detox, JHs ATEC score was a 28. As of this week, his ATEC score is a 17! We are so thrilled!
We would love to continue treating Jack homeopathic remedies! I’m sure there are many things on his timeline that are still affecting him and we’d like to help him continue to heal!
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We finished the 8 week vaccine detox, I am very very happy with the results I saw in my son.

His reactions were high fever, very hard to lower it down, the fever always was next day  after giving the poly 200. He missed school and also slept a lot in the night like 13 hours in a row which is very atypical in him.  We saw little rashes on face, and one day with vomit, like 3 times, and both boys had very hard days in behavior on sundays (after the ccc dosage on saturdays).  I can definitely say in particular my youngest son has a lot of positive changes: his hyperactivity decreased, better mood, more social interaction, better attention, initiation in play requesting to play, more expressive language,  now he is watching t.v. understanding what is happening and laughing at jokes on cartoons, before  it was hard for him to entertain himself, he was not interested in tv.

nb: in the follow up consultation it was found that the older brother had a lot of steroid exposures, which we are now clearing.  This often ‘blocks’ remedy action, and as a matter of course I would now address this ‘layer’ as a first prescription.  

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