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AG – California, US

We saw a NOTICABLE increase in J’s social skills.  His desire to engage and be included in activities (patiently playing boardgames, going to the park and wanting to play basketball with others instead of digging in the sand by himself,  joining discussions with appropriate and relevant contributions) was noticed not only by us but by extended family members as well.

We saw an increase in him initiating affection- hugs, snuggles, tickling.

Something that he has never done before, he talked about a bullying incident that happened to him several years ago, before his recovery from his autism symptoms. He brought it up and said he’d like to one day ask the boys who hurt him why they did it. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor!

He has been extremely redirectable/agreeable. Also, his ability to verbalize his feelings, especially anger/frustration/sadness, has been amazing.

His ability to focus has increased.

There seems to be a calmness to him now that wasn’t there before.

Needless to say, even though J was already recovered from his autism symptoms, we cannot believe the progress we have seen in him the past few months.

J did not have any negative side effects that we noticed. No rashes, fevers, etc.

I want to thank you so much for having J participate in the detox trial! We had never tried homeopathy before, but now I wish we would have.

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MD, Texas, USA

Initially starting homeopathy, we saw increased hyperactivity and had to revert to some calming techniques we hadn’t used in quite some time.  However, in just a few days, his words were clearer and he was having more meaningful and age appropriate conversations. During the second week, we had an unusual meltdown and stubborn behavior.  But, before the second week was out, he became interested in age appropriate television. The last 6 weeks were full of gains of self awareness, self discipline and self-learning.  We couldn’t be more pleased with this protocol, as we have tried many treatments over the past 7 years.

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EB – France

We started poly vacc detox on September 29th on my 4,5 year old son, the first signs of detox appeared two days later: I noticed his thirst and fatiguability at once, a week later, he  wetted his pants daytime unexpectedly, he also went several times a day to the toilet, urinating and moving his bowels more, his urine had an unusual strong smell. At the same time, I observed positive change in his social skills: he was playing adequately whereas I had never observed this before to that degree. In fact, all along the detox course, my son improved his skills by playing a wide range of games: from a set of stamps to a board game. He also started writing, drawing and painting at home, sharing with us. The quality of his hair was improved I noticed a month later, it passed from rough and mat to smooth and shiny. I acknowledge language skills and interactions have improved by a lot 20 days after starting, for instance, asking meaningful questions like « what’s in that box over there? » or expressing himself clearly like « a bit more, please »( for food or playing). He also learnt how to sulk and rebel against us using words adequately. I also witness that during the detox course he was more hyper, more sensitive to sounds and stereotypies reemerged a few times. His ATEC before poly vacc detox was 57 and after it came down to 31.
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BH – London

I appreciate Anna’s help immensely. I used to have a couple of health problems and Anna explained to me (in a way I could understand easily) how they are all connected and complex. I trusted her completely with the treatment and health advice. In a matter of days I was beginning to see improvements and changes that I felt good about. The effects of homeopathy continually amaze me. Anna is a real professional and I will recommend her to anyone who seeks help with their problems.

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IP – London

“We started therapy with Anna a few months ago, and I noticed the change in my daughter straight away. She had some reaction at the start, but then demonstrated continuous improvement in all the areas of autism with the anti-vaccines and anti-antibiotics treatments. Her communications skills got better, and her overall health improved too. We are also grateful to Anna for continuous support when an emergency treatment is needed, like an asthma attack, for example. We are quite surprised how efficient homeopathy is for Lilia for her asthma, coughs and colds. Our experience with homeopathic treatment is very encouraging in our struggle with autism in the long term”.

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LG – London

Our 4-year old boy H was diagnosed with ASD in Oct. 2013. He was non-verbal with vision problem and moderate learning difficulty. In Nov. 2013, we were lucky to find that Anna Rayner and Alan Freestone offer free homeopathy treatment for ASD kids. Both of them are extremely knowledgeable and professional and they have offered incredible support not only to my son but to us as well. We started with a detox of Rabies vaccination and H showed his detox reactions such as fevers, rashes and behavior spikes. After 4 months of treatment, he now wants to communicate and vocalized a lot. We still have a long way to go but homeopathic therapy has given us great help and we are quite optimistic about his future.

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Anonymous Mummy London

Am so glad to have found Alan and Anna. They are incredibly  knowledgeable about ASD and the various health complaints our children suffer from and also very approachable and kind . They immediately put me and my 4 year old Son at ease and I feel we are in good hands in healing him.  We started with a MMR detox remedy and instantly saw physical signs of the body healing- rashes, increased  urination, diarrhoea and a cold sore. There was a general slight improvement in behaviour too. On the next potency we saw wonderful emotional gains- my son became so much more affectionate and loving and engages now in proper heartfelt cuddling and kissing  and tells me all the time how much he loves me – unprompted. That has been the most incredible thing. The detoxes have also brought a few regressions our way but we kept in contact with Alan for advice re dosing. Our latest dose has brought on a profuse cold (he rarely got those) and conjunctivitis- his immune system seems to starting up and, wonderfully, his tolerance of foods has improved – hard to believe all this in only 3  months. We are, of course, impatient as my son has amazing days and regressions (a pattern he has always had before starting treatment) but Alan and Anna have a plan for his treatment and we are excited for what lies ahead. Anonymous Mummy London.”

(nb , this case was taken in collaboration with my colleague alan Freestone (www.alanfreestone.com)

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S.C. – Birmingham, UK

We’d tried homeopathy once before for our son (now 4), but with no great success. Anna’s methods seem much more ‘methodical’ and we carefully went through his history (and mine) to make a ‘toxicity timeline’. I was shocked to see it written down – just how much D had been exposed to in his short life. If only I knew then what I know now….

In the first couple of months not much happened… we tried a couple of remedies, with no noticeable results. Then on the third consultation, Anna gave us Carc, and the party started ☺ D threw a fever for the first time since he was a baby, and afterwards there was a really obvious improvement. He was more ‘connected’ and his concentration improved. He could now sit and play with us for an hour, whereas previously that would have been impossible. It’s early days, but I have great hope now.

Anna herself is lovely to work with. Practical, and has lots of knowledge on a lot of the other treatments for autism. It was good to get her perspective on frequent dose chelation for example, as she’d been through it herself. It is starting to feel like we are all working together, to help D back to health. I love the amount of time and attention that Anna gives us – this has been a bit lacking in other things we’ve tried, and it really makes a difference to me.

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E.J. – Sydney, Australia

I came to homeopathy as a last resort for our 6 year old autistic son.  Apparently there’s an acronym…. TEETH – Tried Everything Else, Try Homeopathy…  This definitely described me!  Now I wish I’d found it sooner.

Anna walked us through a systematic detox of vaccines, and other things like antibiotics, and labour medications.  J was ‘textbook’ in his detox reactions – fevers, rashes, diarrhoea, behavioural ‘spikes’ (more tantrums during ‘rounds’).  We watched as he made gradual improvements, and as so, so happy with the progress so far.  Eye contact is much better, he is overall heaps calmer, and I now am hopeful that he will start to say more words (currently very few words, and no ‘spontaneous’ speech).

Anna has a very caring and down to earth manner.  I get the feeling that she is genuinely invested in helping us, and would certainly recommend her.

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