The Treatment

Welcome to the world of homeopathic detox!

During the first consultation, I take a detailed timeline from pre-conception to present day of all possible toxic exposures.  These may include any medication given to the mother near conception or during pregnancy/breastfeeding (e.g. IVF hormones, anti-sickness drugs, dental amalgam), labour meds, vaccinations, antibiotics, steroids, asthma medication, anaesthetics, large doses of paracetamol, to name the most common.

We discuss when symptoms appeared in the child, and try to make an educated guess as to which of the toxic exposures was the most critical in terms of their current health problems.  We then systematically detox these drugs using a very simple protocol devised by Tinus Smits, and latterly developed by Ton Jansen.  It involves giving the particular toxin back in homeopathic form, over the course of 1 or 2 months.   The remedies stimulate a detox reaction of the original exposure, which, once completed, results in an improvement in symptoms.

In addition to these systematic detoxes, I focus heavily on gut health.  We have many very effective remedies for rebalancing the gut microbiome, and treating parasitic infections. It is my experience that an imbalance in the gut can produce a host of unpleasant symptoms which very often need addressing.   This multi-pronged approach has proven to be the most effective.

The treatment is not a magic bullet, and parents should be prepared for treatment to take time, although I would expect to see noticeable gains after the first 2 month course of treatment.  Homeopathy is safe, gentle, non-toxic, and non-addictive.  Whilst the bulk of my work is in the field of autism, homeopathic detox treatment works elegantly on any number of chronic paediatric and adult health conditions.

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